I tell stories of myself, those around me, and how we impact each other. I visually explore our quest to discover truth in life, curating moments that depict reliance on self, objects, or others to find our slice.
In a more factual sense, I am a figurative oil painter and art educator from the west side of Chicago and currently living in Seattle. I received my BA in Studio Art with minors in Art History and Reconciliation Studies at Seattle Pacific University in 2016.
I currently work at Museo Art Academy, on Seattle's east side, teaching studio skills and art practices to kids in elementary schools and at Museo's private studio. Their joy of new discovery and honest questions keep my personal art practice thriving.
Most importantly, come visit my show "And What of the Moments When We Are Alone" at the Youngstown Cultural Art Center on Delridge in West Seattle. October 12 - January 31.
For inquiries of purchase or commissions, please email me at millere4@spu.edu.